Why FytoCompass?

Q-organisms can be a risk for crops and agricultural products and may have an impact on production sites and companies breeding, propagating and cultivating and selling those crops and agricultural products.

If a quarantaine organism appears, sometimes not only the individual grower is hurt, even the whole area and the supply chain can be affected. Sector organisations, representing their members, were asked by their members to work on a knowledge platform. Knowledge is obtained and gathered at al kinds of sources.

To raise awaress, a general Phytosanitary Risk Assessment and Evaluation (in Dutch FRIE) has been developed for all operators in the plant sector. Increasing awareness and better understanding of phytosanitary risks,  can change the behavior of operators and result in adapting workprocesses in their companies. This will help to improve the chain. Risks will be minimalized. Prevention is the best answer at phytosanitary risks. Better safe than sorry.

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